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IBV d.o.o. is a company with a tradition of more than 22 years, which produces fastening and lifting devices. The company has its origins in the renowned Veriga Lesce factory which was founded in 1922. You can rely on us!

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Inspections of Chains, Steel Wire Ropes and Magnets

We conduct periodical (annual or semi-annual) inspections of fastening devices. Inspections may also include lifting chains, steel wire ropes, slings and magnets. If you have any other lifting device requiring inspection, please contact us. During inspection, worn parts are also replaced and a one year verification certificate is issued, if necessary.

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Other Elements

We offer a variety of other elements, such as shackles, clamps for steel plates and magnets, snatch blocks, safety harnesses, lashing chains, tensioner nuts, come along clamp grips, cable pullers, carabine hooks, wire clamps, etc.

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Current News

The Lesce tradition of producing chains

The once-renowned Veriga Lesce factory has a rich history of producing chains and other steel products. At the location where the factory used to stand, there are still several companies, such as IBV d.o.o., continuing this tradition. People started…

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Summer is the time for all sorts of adventure, one of them being zip-line. If you plan to set up an adventure park, IBV can provide the supply of zip-line ropes and other adventure park equipment. Zip-line ropes are special wire ropes with a steel…

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Re-installation of the Aljaž Tower

In re-installing the Aljaž Tower, IBV provided turnbuckles, wire rope clips and a lifting sling which was used to move the tower to the Mount Triglav using a helicopter, which you can watch in the video below. We are happy that the project was…

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What do others have to say about us?

“We have been in a business relationship with IBV d.o.o. for quite some time now. We are an industrial company and smooth operation is crucial for us. The expertise and quality of IBV products have convinced us many times. In addition to the above, their quick service response provided by a trained team of experts is very important to us. We are happy to cooperate with IBV and look forward to our common challenges in the future.”

Mrs Klementina Debeljak, commercial operator of indirect purchases, SIJ Acroni d.o.o.

We cooperate with over 100 largest construction and steel firms in Slovenia and some neighbouring countries. We are present in aviation, marine and forestry industry.