In 1922, VerigaLesce was established and over 70 years with over 1000 employees it has developed into one of the largest producers of chains and screws in Europe. In 1972, VerigaLesce employed ŽigaBenedičič who later became a foreman of the chain forge.


As a result of the privatisation of Veriga Lesce in 1996, Mr Benedičič took over one of its plants for producing steel wire ropes and continued to manage it as a sole trader. Soon he expanded its programme to lifting chains. The company employed 2 people.


In 2000, Mr Benedičič established IBV d.o.o. and the company was relocated to its current premises. Together with three employees he expanded the programme to include lifting sling and ratchet lashings. In the same year, a horizontal tensile-testing machine was bought and used for inspecting fastening equipment. In the following years, the company also purchased lathe, drilling machine, machine for pressing stainless ropes (inox), milling machine and new machine for pressing ropes.

2000 – 2019

Over the years, the company has increasingly expanded its programme with products for lifting systems and IBV d.o.o. has become one of the major producers and supplier of lifting equipment. The company has 4 employees and 3 external associates.


In 2018, the daughter, Leja Benedičič took over the management. She reorganised the company, updated the corporate identity and continued the Lesce story of chains and other fastening equipment. The company obtained a vertical tensile-testing machine for conducting periodic inspections, and a new milling machine. The company has 6 employees and 3 external associates.