We supply DIN 580 eye bolts and DIN 582 eye nuts, eye nuts and bolts of Grade 8, screwable lifting points (PLAW, PLBW, PLDW, PLGW) and turnbuckles. If you cannot find the desired product below, please contact us.

Lifting points are designed for lifing and holding the load.


– the lifting point does not have defects due to wear, corrosion, cracks or visible deformation

– markings must be clearly legible

– the loads to be lifted are in compliance with the loads of the lifting points

– the diameter of the welded ring has not been reduced more than the 10% of the nominal diameter of the ring itself due to wear in one of the points of contact with the bulb

-make sure that the mounting surface is suitable in order to guarantee touching of all the surface place of the lifting point and that it adheres suitably, orient the ring of the device in the direction of the load

-the lifting point is screwed tightly

If these checks give a negative outcome, the lifting point must not be used any more, and must be replaced.

For lifting operations safety measures must be taken for the people who undergo the risk.

*Do not use lifting points in connection with acids or bases or their steams.
*Do not exceed the capacity specified on the reference chart.
*Do not lift persons!
*Do not stand under an overhanging load whilst it is being used.