We offer you our knowledge and services. We provide a comprehensive repair service for your fastening equipment and measurements on our tensile-testing machines. Lifting chains and steel wire ropes are custom made, and thus we can decrease or increase their length or replace certain elements if necessary.

We perform PERIODIC INSPECTIONS of lifting equipment. Periodic inspections must be carried out once a year for steel wire ropes, lifting chains, slings, magnets and clamps. Inspections are supervised by IBV external staff with a permit to conduct inspections granted by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs.

The inspection is carried out visually. All parts are dismantled, unreliable bolts and elements of fastening equipment are removed using special tools. After the inspection is completed and the respective equipment is serviced, a certificate on the flawlessness of the equipment is issued. The IBV company also measures the respective fastening equipment also on tensile-testing machines of 100t capacity. Find out more here

We are happy to perform periodic inspections for you since our experts know the ropes and therefore conduct a thorough inspection.

Inspection of Chains

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Inspection of Steel Ropes

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Inspections of Lifting Slings

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The inspection of chain slings that are used under the normal conditions should take place at least once a year, and at least every 6 months for the chains which:
• are often used under the maximum permissible load,
• are used at high temperatures,
• are exposed to chemical and atmospheric influences.

During the inspection, we identify external changes, such as:
• the diameter of the chain link should not be reduced by more than 10% (Fig 1),
• the length of the chain should not increase by more than 5% (Fig 2),
• the length of each chain link should not increase by more than 4% (Fig 2),
• the chain should be free of any abrasions and cuts.Chain slings for which these changes have been identified must be taken out of use!

Cleaning and proper storage of the chains after use will increase the service life of the chains.

The inspection of ropes is visual and, if necessary, they are measured on the tensile-testing machine. If necessary, service of ropes is conducted. After the inspection you receive a certificate which is valid one year.

In case of worn or broken wires, the steel wire rope becomes unusable. No more than 4 wires should be broken on any section measuring 3 rope diameters in length, no more than 6 wires on any section mea‑suring 6 rope diameters in length, and no more than 16 wires on any section measuring 30 rope diameters in length. The rope also becomes unusable if a whole strand is torn off, if more than 20 percent of the rope diameter is flattened, or if the joint is damaged. When storing the rope, make sure to protect it from moisture and aggressive agents.

The inspection of lifting slings must also be carried out once a year. In particular it is important that the lifting sling is not damaged and that its label with all required information is visible.

The lifting slings should be taken out of service for any of the following reasons:

• damage to the coating or visible damage to the main part of the sling,
• cuts and tears to the sling longer than 5% of the sling width,
• cuts in the longitudinal or lateral part of the sling that have caused damage to the upper layer of the sling,
• deformation due to heat (e.g. friction, radiation),
• visible damage to the metal parts causing bruising, cracks or crushing,
• slings without a control label or instructions for use.

All of the damage listed above requires removal of the lifting sling from use and its replacement with a new one.