Summer is the time for all sorts of adventure, one of them being zip-line. If you plan to set up an adventure park, IBV can provide the supply of zip-line ropes and other adventure park equipment. Zip-line ropes are special wire ropes with a steel core that provide safety during ride. Steel wire ropes are secured to artificial structures, trees or rocks. To fasten a steel wire rope you will also need wire clamps, ferrules, thimbles, etc. IBV supplies ropes and other elements of the largest Slovenian adventure park provider and across the world, so you have probably ridden our ropes in Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. There are also several great zip-lines in Slovenia: one of the longest in the River Sava Dolinka Valley comprises different sections using IBV ropes with a total ride time of two hours. The zip-line concept has been known for quite some time, but was initially used for timber logging and hay transporting over canyons, and also for easier exploration of tropical forests. Later, the use was extended to a fun sporting activity depicted in the respective pictures. Do you have enough courage?

Contact us if you need advice for your zip-lie or adrenaline park equipment.

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